Statement of Purpose

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.  3 John 1:4

Dad, what do you want for your children more than anything else?  What’s really most important?  What dream or hope for them rises to the top of your list?  Do you want them to be happy, to be healthy, to be successful in school, in sports, or in developing their talents?  Do you hope they have a good marriage, a nice family, a satisfying career?  Of all the things you could wish for them, what would bring you the most joy?

John’s greatest joy for his spiritual children was that they knew and walked in the truth.  This truth centered on confessing Jesus as coming in the flesh (2 John 7), and in living out what Jesus taught (2 John 9), loving one another and walking according to His commandments (2 John 5-6):  basic Bible teachings.

Is that your greatest joy as well?  Is it more important than all the other possibilities listed, or not listed, above?  Asked another way, would it bring you great sorrow to know that your children never embraced Jesus, turned from their faith or were, at best, lukewarm?

The purpose of this website is:
to help you be a better dad;
to encourage you to consider everything God calls you to do as a father;
to give you tools and point to others that will enable you to do your job with excellence;
to help you go deeper in your spiritual life,
in your worship life,
and in your relationships with others, especially your children.

It’s not guaranteed, you know.  You can’t take it for granted.  God has children, but not grandchildren.  You might know Him well, but your kids have to come to a saving knowledge of Him and faith in Him too.  Your relationship with the Lord does not gain or guarantee their salvation.

And lots of things in our culture today are pulling them in the opposite direction.  It’s alarming!  A majority of teens raised in evangelical homes are leaving the church by the time they finish their freshman year of college (See God is on the Move).  You can’t just sit back and hope for them.  You need to go on the offensive.  You have to be proactive.  You can be more intentional.  You, as their dad, can make a difference.  It’s what God has called you to do.  And what God calls you to do, He equips you to do. (See Objection, Your Honor!  Overruled!)

But who has trained you?  Who has taught you how to be a godly dad?  If you’re like most men, no one has.  Instead, you’re parenting as you were parented, or in response to it.  If you had good parents, you’re doing most things like they did, whether that’s great or just so-so.  If one or both of your parents failed you in some way, it’s not uncommon to resolve to do it better, or at least differently.  But, unlike almost every other job in the world, most of us are never really trained in one of the toughest jobs, parenting, we’ll ever have.

So, think of this website, and the recommendations and links provided, as a home improvement store of tools.  You certainly don’t need all of them, but a few of them will help you do a better job of raising your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4), equipping them to walk in the truth.  It’s a too great a joy to take for granted.  It’s a joy to invest in today.

If you’re a church leader

This website will provide and point to resources which will help you determine a course of action for the dads in your church.  The number of articles, books and websites can be overwhelming, especially given all your other responsibilities.  But God is on the move, and we want to help you move with him

An invitation

If you read something here you’d like to use, you’d like to share, please do so–with a small string attached.  Nothing I’ve written is original, really.  It was “imagined” in the mind of God long before it ever became a thought in my mind, and he probably has had thousands of people think it and write it in various ways and in many places over the years, since most of it is based on his word.  If you’d like to use a concept or an article in speaking, please do so.  If you’re putting it in writing, just point others here by listing this web site.  Perhaps they’ll find something useful too.  If you want to quote an article in a resource you plan to sell, contact me first.  I’d like to know. Thank you.


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