Welcome to TurnMyHeart.org!

This is a new site, currently under construction.  All that’s here right now are words for you to read.  No artsy graphics.  No inspiring photos.  That will come eventually, as I have time.

I’ll be adding links to make it easier to get to some great tools, and I’ll keep pointing you to good articles and resources week after week. In addition, I want to add brief book reviews–a section for dads, and a section for church leaders.

I would love to hear your comments, but do not promise to post them or respond to you, due to the time involved.   Hopefully I can do this in the future.   Do contact me if something I’ve said is factually incorrect, if I’ve misrepresented someone, or if I have faulty information regarding another site, author or book.  I would appreciate that.

As you can see, I have a heart for the Lord and for dads, so most of this site is for Christian dads.  Eventually I’ll add some resources and links for moms, since all dads are related to a mom, and moms need good tools too.

Also, I have a heart for two other areas:  worship and creation.  Years ago worship was not that important to me.  I’ve always enjoyed music, except for some of my piano lessons and when I embarrassed myself with a poorly sung solo as a kid, but my worship experience was limited.  Through multiple experiences over the years, worship–private, small group, and corporate–rose to the top of my list.  I placed links to worship songs related to the theme of some articles, since music can move on our hearts in ways that words alone can’t, and experiencing the presence of God through worship can be life-changing.

Creation.  This too, was not an area of concern for me.  I believed God created–that was obvious, and clearly and repeatedly stated in scripture– and never felt a need to study creation-science.  But as I read, from multiple sources, the effect that the teaching on evolution is having on our children and our culture, primarily through undermining biblical authority, I became concerned.  The Bible says one thing–they say another.  What are your children going to believe?  Many online sites can help you understand the facts, first of all, because so often that’s what we’re not getting.  Secondly, these sites can help you translate this truthful knowledge to your children.  And you’ll have great joy knowing your children walk in that truth.

The majority of this site will deal with many of the facets of fathering, but two areas I’ll highlight, with much more to come, due to their importance in family life, are media and sex.  I address these briefly in “Biblical Parenting–Critical Components.”

My prayer is that this site will help you make “home improvements” that have a return value for all eternity–storing up treasures, not here on earth, but in heaven (Matthew 6:20).


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